Tuesday, 30 August 2016

What scale are Cuties?

Ok, first things first, obviously they aren't compatible with any other figure ranges, no matter what scale I say they are. In terms of height they are 15mm, but they have the bulk of  25mm figures.

So I thought it might be helpful to post some pictures of my Cuties alongside real wargame figures.

These are 15mm Mahdists from Peter Pig.

Peter Pig again, British for the Sudan.  The helmet adds half again to the Cuties height.

The Sumerian battlecart is from Magister Militum.

I think these knights are from Lancashire Games.

I don't have many 25mm figures, this one is from Black Hat Miniatures, their Three Musketeers range.

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  1. So 15mm or 25mm halfling size. I can think of all kinds of uses. Painted up right they would be excellent intelligent slime moulds in either scale for SF games.