Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Cuties in Space

One reason for making my own figures was to enable me to play games which aren't covered by available figure ranges, or are covered but not in my preferred 15mm scale.  Star Wars and Doctor Who were obvious choices for me, and so I made a few samples to see how well I could capture them in miniature.

The Darth Vader figure is an original sculpt, there is no point making a mould for a figure I will only ever want one of. The Stormtroopers are castings.

The Daleks are cast in four parts, body, eye stick, gun stick and sucker stick.  Holes are drilled into the body and the various sticks are glued in place.  The Daleks are slightly shorter than my usual figures, as they should be.  These ones are intended to represent them as they looked when encountered by the 2nd Doctor.

The Cybermen Cuties are one of my favourite models I've made.  Slightly taller than a standard Cutie, they are based on the Cybermen from the Patrick Troughton story 'The Invasion'.

The Star Wars figures are, for now, a bit of a dead end.  Doctor Who Cuties are an ongoing project, there are many more monsters I intend to do and I also need UNIT forces and the Doctor and his companions.

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