Sunday, 21 August 2016


'Cuties' is the term I use for the figures I make.  They are egg shaped little people, 15mm tall, with no facial features other than eyes, and no visible legs.  The intent is always to make them crudely cartoonish, with just enough detail to make them identifiable.

Hopefully the figures above make you think 'Cavemen', and I score bonus points if you consider them to be cute too.  I find them adorable, but I'm biased.

Another aim was to make them virtually accident proof. It's very hard to damage a 15mm ball of lead by dropping it and the spears are thick enough that they bend rather than break and easily survive straightening.  While I have had some figures come off their base after a fall I can honestly say that I have not had a single figure damaged or broken.

The three figures above were all made from one mould, of the spearman on the left.  The torch holding pyromaniac in the center has the tip of the spear snipped off and flames modelled using modelling putty.  The stone thrower on the right has the spear hacked off with the remaining part of it painted as a rock.  Multiple use of moulds helps keep down the cost, and mould making is a messy business which I avoid when possible.

The woman with baby and the small boy shown here are also used for civilians in other periods, simply through the use of different paint schemes.  Again, it saves on moulds.

The Cavemen are very much a work in progress, intended additions are expansion of this tribe, a second rival tribe, and animals to hunt or be attacked by.

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