Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Dead ends, for now

There are some figures I've made that aren't going anywhere for the moment, tests to see if I could do certain periods.

I don't think any of them are failures and they may end up as part of an army one day.

From left to right these are a Yeti from Doctor Who, a Napoleonic French infantryman, a Vietnam Era American, a Greek hoplite and a pirate.

I was really pleased with the Yeti, the look was perfect, but it's meant to be taller than a normal figure, not shorter. Ooops.  The Napoleonic figure was great practice for doing detail, with the back pack and the turnbacks.

The American will most likely see service in an Imagi-Nation or as part of a National Guard force fighting off zombies. Yes, I plan on doing zombies, hopefully in resin to make them child friendly.

The Hoplite will definitely be part of an army one day,  The Pirate needs a ship and crew to go with him, and that is so far on the back burner it's almost in the freezer.  I have no idea how I would make a Cutie with a peg leg...


  1. I really like the hoplites - you need about 300 and some Persians ;)

    Now there's a disconcerting thought - "300 Cuties" - based on the movie and graphic novel. You're working on Cutie mammoths so why not Cutie battle rhinos? ;)

    Keep it up (as long as it stays enjoyable for you) your work is brilliant!

    1. 'Some' Persians? About a million? :p

    2. I suppose - then there is all the detail to sculpt on Xerxes - and of course how would a Cutie pull of the "this is Sparta!" kick?

      Oh well.... ;)