Sunday, 28 August 2016

A Mammoth Task

As mentioned previously, my cavemen need something to hunt.  Mammoths would seem to be the obvious choice. Given their size, making moulds and casting them would be inappropriate, so each one has to be hand made.  I decided to experiment by making a dead mammoth first, to see if the technique I planned on using would work and if I would find the outcome in keeping with the Cuties visual theme.

So off to work I went, with some helpful advice along the way from my grandson Toby.

The body is a wooden half egg from a craft store, the rest of the mammoth is sculpted from Milliput.  The eye isn't very clear in this picture, but at Toby's prompting it is an X, which is how you are supposed to indicate something being dead according to him.

The hairy parts of the mammoth were then coated in white glue and it was dipped in scenic flock.  Much easier than sculpting hair over the same area and if I'm going to make a herd of these I want an easy way of doing it.

The whole thing was then painted black, both as an undercoat and an additional way of holding the scenic flock in place.  The eye is a lot clearer in this picture.

A quick paint and base later, and the cavemen celebrate their success.  I think the mammoth fits in well with them, so it looks like the herd will be a possibility.

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