Wednesday, 24 August 2016

ACW = American Cutie War

When I decided to make figures for my first proper Cutie army the American Civil War was an obvious choice.  The same figures would do for both sides, and I could get away with one mould each for Infantry, Cavalry and Artillerymen.  The Cannons required two moulds, one for the wheels and one for the rest of the cannon, modelled as a single piece.  Five moulds to cover both sides was perfect.

Not sure why the Cutie second from the right in the back row is sticking his tongue out, certainly wasn't painted intentionally...

An army marches on it's stomach, doubly true for Cuties.

Union Cavalry prepare to charge!

I'm aware Civil War Cavalry made extensive use of firearms, but swords were easier to do and the figure can then be used as a base to model a wider range of cavalry simply by altering the head gear of the rider.

As with the Cavalry, a change of hat would make these figures useable across many periods.

Unfortunately for the poor American Civil War Cuties they showed that Cuties could work as wargames units and that simple conversions could allow me to cover many different armies across history.  After painting up one unit of each troop type for both sides the urge to see whether I could be as successful with more ambitious projects grew too strong, and so they still await completion.   


  1. These look great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am immediately transported to the wonderful world of Michael Bentine's 'potty hour' and the wonderful animation that came out of a similar imagination.

    1. Thanks, I loved that programme when I was little :)