Friday, 28 October 2016

Painting, Day 4

Today, a small horde of zombies, 21 in total.

On the painting table at the moment are some Mahdist infantry and cavalry for the Sudan.  Real life in the form of babysitting my grandson means I probably won't get any of them completed over the weekend, but you never know.

Day 4

Target : 12
Completed : 44

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Some more pics of my Egyptians

Here are some more pictures of my Egyptians, as requested. :)

Painting, Day 3

Today I have completed three survivors for my zombie apocalypse.

The figure on the right has my first attempt at a moustache. :)

Lots of figures almost complete to show tomorrow, a horde of zombies.

Day 3

Target : 9
Completed : 23

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Painting, Day 2

Some ancient Egyptians today, these are from the last set of moulds I made.

Archers, spearmen and a chariot.

I love the look of the chariot driver.

Aww heck, I love the look of the whole thing. :)

The shields are cast separately and glued on, allowing for some variation in the spearmen.

The Archers are based on my Sumerian archer figure with a cloth shape added to the front of their kilt.  

I really like how the Egyptians turned out. :)

12 Infantry and a chariot with 2 crew and 2 horses counts as 16 towards my painting target.  That gets added to the 4 from yesterday.

Day 2

Target : 6
Completed : 20

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Painting, Day 1

I completed four figures today, two zombies and two survivors.

I'm not completely happy with my attempt at doing glasses on one of the survivors, but I think I can live with it.

Lots of preparation work done on other figures, and about a dozen of them are over half way completed.

Day 1

Target : 3 figures
Completed : 4 figures

Monday, 24 October 2016


My hobby activity goes through phases, recently it's been a modelling and mould making phase.  I used the last of my mould making rubber at the weekend and can't afford anymore till after Christmas so it now moves on to another phase, painting.

Well, hopefully it does anyway.  I'm going to set myself the task of painting an average of three figures a day between now and New Year, recording what I get completed here to keep me on track.  That should be around two hundred figures over the next couple of months.  Mounted figures will count as one figure, chariots will count as one for each crew figure and one for each animal pulling it.  Artillery pieces won't count but will have to be completed to go with any gunners I paint before I can count the gunners in the total.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Bows and arrows against the lightning

I made some Martian tripods from beads, card and brass rod and some 1900 British in home service uniform to oppose them.

The gun is from Risk, I may make my own guns at some point but for now it does fine.

The Martian cylinder buried in the ground is the card tube from a toilet roll.

6mm Vehicles Painted

I painted and based the first of my 6mm vehicles, I'm reasonably pleased with the results.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Vehicles for my 6mm Cuties

I cast the first vehicles for my 6mm Cuties :)

The APCs are simple one piece castings.

The tank is cast in two parts, the hovercraft in three.

They obviously aren't as good as commercially available ones, but there's a satisfaction from making them myself that more than makes up for that. :) 

Saturday, 1 October 2016

6mm Cuties

So, the infantry I made to go with 3mm vehicles turned out too big.  But I adore them, so I've decided to call them 6mm and carry on with them. :)

They're as wide as they are tall.  Possibly wider.

I've started making vehicles to go with them, this will be an armoured personnel carrier.  It's about half done I think.

And an armed hovercraft.  I'm basically deciding the vehicle size by whether the figures could fit inside it, so everything tends towards 'chunky'.

And finally a comparison between the two sizes of hovercraft.  I still need to do the jets and the gun turret on the big one.  Probably some added details on the hull too.