Saturday, 1 October 2016

6mm Cuties

So, the infantry I made to go with 3mm vehicles turned out too big.  But I adore them, so I've decided to call them 6mm and carry on with them. :)

They're as wide as they are tall.  Possibly wider.

I've started making vehicles to go with them, this will be an armoured personnel carrier.  It's about half done I think.

And an armed hovercraft.  I'm basically deciding the vehicle size by whether the figures could fit inside it, so everything tends towards 'chunky'.

And finally a comparison between the two sizes of hovercraft.  I still need to do the jets and the gun turret on the big one.  Probably some added details on the hull too.


  1. More fantasticness Victoria - you should really talk to someone about doing this commercially

    1. Actually, you saying "They're as wide as they are tall. Possibly wider" makes me think that perhaps you should call them 6mm wargamers rather than cuties as that seems to be a common state of affairs in our hobby :)