Wednesday, 23 August 2017

First Attempt at Ambush Z

Had my first trial game today, I like these rules. :)

Three groups of four soldiers at the bottom right plus a leader have to try to make it across the board and exit top left.  Red dots are the 'hot spots' were zombie reinforcements will arrive and three groups of six zombies each are already wandering the city.

The soldiers are trained, Q8 M10, and their leader is a veteran, Q10 M10.  The zombies are the basic type from the rules, they start at Q6.  Infection level is 4, stress level starts at 0.

Group One (furthest forward) opens fire on the zombies up ahead.

Dropping two of them.

While the zombies mill around unaware where the shots came from Group One cuts down the alley to the right towards the compound.

Group Two (on the right) opens fire dropping two more zombies.

Then advances to Ami's bar.  The zombies still fail to react and no new ones have been attracted by the gunfire yet.

Group Three advances to the oil drums and the two remaining zombies react, turning in their direction.  Before they can take more than a couple of steps Group Three drops them and the leader moves up to join them.  Still no reaction to the sound of gunfire, which is some compensation for how few hits were achieved.

Start of turn two and a new hot spot is added.

And seven zombies reinforcements appear out of Flick's store.

Group One runs to the security fence and easily crosses, but they were noticed heading for it and a group of zombies moves towards them.

Group Two advances towards the zombies emerging from the store who react and move towards them.  Two of them fall as Group Two opens fire on them.

Group Three moves up and adds it's firepower, unfortunately all aiming at the same zombie.

And the shooting attracts six more zombies.

The zombies from outside the holodrome move over towards them.

Turn three and another hotspot appears and the zombies change to Q8.

Four more zombies arrive as reinforcements, worryingly close to the exit point.

Group Two opens fire again, dropping two more zombies.

Then vault the wall of the house on the corner.  The zombies react to this but are interrupted by Group Three who manage five hits.  Shame there were only two zombies left to hit.  Group Three loses it's move because of doing an interruption.

Unfortunately the sound of the shots causes three zombies to rouse themselves from where they were slumped against the wall.  (Should have been four I now realise, oops.)

While all this is going on Group One moves along the side of the warehouse and opens fire on the zombies who entered the compound.

And my shooting gets terrible again, only two hits.  The zombies react automatically and it's close combat time.

Seven more zombies head towards the sound of gunfire.

Group One fails it's quality check so there is no defensive fire.  They stand for the first round of combat where one of them dies and then fail their roll to flee for the next two rounds.  By then they have wounded who they will not abandon so it's a fight to the death.  Group One is wiped out with only one zombie destroyed to show for it.

At the corner house Group Two also fails it's quality check for defensive fire but easily dispatches the zombies over two rounds of combat with no casualties taken.

The remaining groups of zombies wander randomly about, but remaining too near the exit point.

At this point the mission was cancelled and the survivors pulled back to their entry point.  

Final Thoughts

I spent a lot of time looking through the rule book, but I think a couple more games should get most of the rules fixed in my head.  My die rolls for firing were terrible, I may have to consider using veterans (Q10) rather than trained (Q8).  

I need a lot more zombies, seeing as they are guaranteed reinforcements every turn and can also get them as a result of gunfire or if I enter a building.

The rules seem to have some gaps in them, for example some rules mention vehicles but I can't find any rules for how to use vehicles in the game.  Not a huge problem, I can make some rules up myself, but slightly annoying.

I didn't use 'Quirk of Fate' cards, just to keep things as simple as possible for the first game.  I want to get a good grip of the rules before I add them in.

Well, that was a fun experience, might have another go tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Fourth City Section

Fourth one done, time to switch to figure painting for a bit before I start the fifth one.  And play some games to learn the rules. :)

I modified the plaster cast house at the bottom left with a small extension, adds a bit of variety for minimal effort.

The Bank of New Britain, for all your financial needs. 

Flick's general store.

Palestinian soldiers moving cautiously up the street.  The beauty of inventing your own Sci-Fi world is you can find a way to use whatever figures you like the look of.

The city so far.  

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Third City Section Done.

Third section completed, an industrial unit this time.

You can see what the security fencing was for now.

Should be a good location to make a stand, if the fences hold and they can park a vehicle across the entrance.

The entrance barrier pivots on a small length of brass rod, the rest of it is plasticard.

The roller shutters are just corrugated card, simple but I think effective.

Wooden shapes and cocktail sticks for the geothermal units here.

A perfect example of why you shouldn't order your security fencing from the cheapest supplier...

The fourth section has all the buildings painted and glued in place, I just need to finish the basing and make a couple of signs. :)

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Second City Section Finished

I completed the second section of my Sci-fi city, this one contains the city guard post and a holodrome.

I'm very pleased with how this is turning out, I think it has a sort of Wild West feel to it. I may add bank robberies and gun fights to my possible future scenarios (sounds like a job for 5Core). :)

Security Fencing 2

I painted up a few sections to see how they looked.

There is magnetic sheet under the sections and the base board has steel paper to match up with them.

Now I just need to do the required number of sections and some destroyed ones.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Security Fencing

An attempt at security fencing.

The base is thick plasticard, the uprights are brass rod and the fencing is mesh fabric.  The base will be painted to represent concrete and the rest will be done as steel.  I need lots of straight sections, a few corner sections and some destroyed sections of both to swap in if they get burst through.

It's a good way to pass the time as I wait for my new dice to be delivered and for other things I'm making to dry. :)

Sunday, 13 August 2017

First City Section Completed

I completed the first section of my Sci-fi city, work on the second is progressing well.

The terrain tile is 30cm square.

Ami and her staff defend the bar.

Corporate security take cover in an adjacent building.

The City Guard prepare to fight.

Zombies emerge from between the buildings.

I need to paint more zombie figures.

Three more tiles and I can have a game. :)