Sunday, 12 November 2017


I've set myself a challenge to do at least one item for Wormingrad each week, to be posted on Sundays.

This week I converted a German worm with panzerfaust into one with a flamethrower.

The flame is made from foliage clumps on a piece of brass rod.

Painting foliage clumps is annoying, not helped by how long it took for each coat to dry.

I'm glad I didn't give up though, I really like the look of it.

I'll need to do some markers to show squares that are burning.

The figure was really easy to do, I just cut the head off the panzerfaust then using green stuff added a cylinder with dial and a short hose to connect that to the remains of the panzerfaust.

I suspect the dial is completely unrealistic, but I felt it felt a bit plain without it.

I need to decide on unit sizes for the game, that will determine how many more of these I'll need   (Units are going to be squads or platoons and unit size has to be somewhere between four and eight worms per unit).


  1. Ace result with those flames. I’ve used the same materials for explosions so feel your pain with the painting :-)

  2. Those flames look ace!
    One way to speed up painting them is to use red and yellow clump foliage to build up the base, that way you only have to paint on the grey and the black. Also if you soak them in pva first they are much easier to paint afterwards (it does take about a day for the pva to dry)