Sunday, 5 November 2017

First Wormingrad Vehicles.

I took the plunge and bought a box of Armourfast vehicles to convert for Wormingrad.  I was wanting to try StuGIIIs first as I figured they'd be the easiest, not having turrets. My local model shop didn't have those, but did have StuH42s which for my purposes are essentially the same as the StuGs.

All I did was cut two road wheels off the track sections and the same length off the hull top and base.

I used some of the cupola pieces to make a larger hatch to fit a worm through it.

The worm sticking out of the hatch is from the SMG figure, hacked up a bit and new arms added with Greenstuff.

The second one is buttoned up, I don't have an unlimited number of figures to play with and I doubt I'll find another load going cheap at a bring and buy any time soon.

The vehicles were both filled with Plasticine during assembly, gives them a nice weight when you handle them.

A surprisingly easy conversion, time to save my pennies for some PZIIIs and T34s. 😃


  1. I would be very tempted to use some of the early German tanks as reccy vehicles as they would loom great with the worms in them!

    You can still buy these figures (I think they are the same) from Ironclad Miniatures

    1. I'll need to see if they would consider selling me some in non standard packs, I'd love a load more German rifleworms but don't really want equal numbers of the other weapons in the four figure pack.