Wednesday, 15 November 2017

More Units For Lion Rampant

A mix bag of units for Lion Rampant, mostly rebasing but some new figures painted too.

Dismounted Men-at-arms for one of my mid medieval retinues.

Foot Serjeants or Yeomen to go with the previous unit.

Dismounted Men-at-arms, willing to serve in whichever retinue pays the best.

Some revolting peasants.

These guys are brigands in the Holy Land, they'll fight Crusaders and Saracens to get as much loot as they can.

Caesarian Romans with auxiliaries.

And finally some ancient Britons.

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  1. Wow, impressive work Vicki, they look fantastic, and quite a mix of periods! I’m working on catching up on your old posts, please bear with me! I’ve also gotta figure out the terminology and tactics. I need a primer to get me up to speed!