Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Painting, Day 2

Some ancient Egyptians today, these are from the last set of moulds I made.

Archers, spearmen and a chariot.

I love the look of the chariot driver.

Aww heck, I love the look of the whole thing. :)

The shields are cast separately and glued on, allowing for some variation in the spearmen.

The Archers are based on my Sumerian archer figure with a cloth shape added to the front of their kilt.  

I really like how the Egyptians turned out. :)

12 Infantry and a chariot with 2 crew and 2 horses counts as 16 towards my painting target.  That gets added to the 4 from yesterday.

Day 2

Target : 6
Completed : 20


  1. That is great progress Victoria! Do you have a side view of the archers at all? and the hexagons that they are on - what are they? are they tiles of some sort? have you made them yourself as well?

    1. I'll take some more pics of the Egyptians tonight. :)

      The hexagons I originally cut from 3mm MDF by hand (over 200 of them, I must have been crazy) but now I get them from Warbases. They are 70mm across, which gives me a Memoir 44 hex layout (13x9) on a 3' by 2' board.

    2. 200 by hand? crazy ... hmmm ... :)

      Warbases are very good