Thursday, 29 September 2016

Mixed results.

My attempts at making 3mm figures and vehicles are going really well, with one huge problem.  The first vehicles have been cast and painted and look better than I'd hoped.  The first figure is sitting in it's mould waiting for it to harden so I can open it and cast from it.  I have high hopes for how he's going to turn out too.


They won't go together.  My vehicles would be fine with normal 3mm figures.  But cuties have extra bulk and outsized helmets.  So a 3mm egg gives a figure that would go better with 6mm or even 10mm vehicles.  To go with a 3mm vehicle I need to start with an egg that's under 2mm, so the 3mm vehicles I've made will either be for a vehicle only war or I will buy some proper 3mm figures to go with them.  If the infantryman I made turns out to my liking then I'll make some larger vehicles to go with him.

Anyway, pictures of the tank and armed hovercraft I made. :)