Sunday, 11 September 2016

Medieval spearman

I painted up my new medieval figure I made a mould for last week, there's an archer currently sitting in a mould waiting for it to harden.

I ought to do a post about the castle I made some time.

This is my complete medieval army at present, quite a way to go.  The archer is on the way, I still need to make a crossbowman, a mounted knight on a barded horse and dismounted versions for both the knight and the mounted man at arms pictured above.

For opposition there should be another force using the same figures and possibly a 'Saracen' army.  My mahdist infantry and cavalry figures give me a start into that, so not a huge task.

(I'm working on these when I need a break from painting 19th century figures, 24 of which just moved to the basing stage with another dozen undercoated ready for painting.)


  1. Looking forward to the next lot. How about dropping the camera angle a bit?

  2. I'll try that next time :)

    I need to work on the lighting too.