Thursday, 1 September 2016

Project Z Part 1: The basic figures

I have decided that my my first resin range  will be zombies, with as much variety as I can manage in the look of the figures.  They will all be in the same basic pose with different clothing and hairstyles.

So, first task was to decide on a pose, which is to be right arm extended and left arm hanging down at their side.  The eyes, courtesy of my Grandson's suggestion, will be Xs.

The first stage was to cast a couple of the eggs which are the starting point of all my Cuties, a fat one and a thin one.  A hole was drilled in both and a small section of brass rod glued in and bent to achieve the arm position I want.  This will prevent the arm drooping before it hardens.

I then sculpted on the arms and eyes, giving the figures shown below.  The next stage will to be make moulds from these.


  1. Its great seeing this things from design to finish. Refreshing to see something so uique !


    1. Hopefully from design to finish, it may end up being from design to disaster lol