Friday, 2 September 2016

Project Z Part 2: Making the moulds

The basic models have now hardened, so it's mould making time.  The figures are pressed into a bed of plasticine which is then built up around any parts which are raised.  A frame of Lego blocks is built around this to hold the rubber when it is poured on. The indentations in the corners are to form guides to keep both halves of the final mould aligned when I cast from it.  The purple bits will form the hollows the lead will pour down during casting.

The rubber is then measured out and the catalyst added to it and mixed in.  An extra layer of Lego bricks is added and then I paint the rubber over the figures and into the indentations in the corners before pouring the rest in to fill the mould.  A few good taps release air bubbles, then it's off to harden.  It should be ready to make the other half tomorrow.

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