Sunday, 20 August 2017

Third City Section Done.

Third section completed, an industrial unit this time.

You can see what the security fencing was for now.

Should be a good location to make a stand, if the fences hold and they can park a vehicle across the entrance.

The entrance barrier pivots on a small length of brass rod, the rest of it is plasticard.

The roller shutters are just corrugated card, simple but I think effective.

Wooden shapes and cocktail sticks for the geothermal units here.

A perfect example of why you shouldn't order your security fencing from the cheapest supplier...

The fourth section has all the buildings painted and glued in place, I just need to finish the basing and make a couple of signs. :)


  1. Holy cow, that's amazing Vicki! You're really turning them out now, and low standards, eh? ;)

    That last pic is downright creepy!


  2. Looks most excellent!
    Did you create torn down fences for every unit?

    1. No, just what's on show in that last pic. I probably ought to make some more really, maybe the same number again.

  3. Your terrain is looking really good and practical for wargaming.

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