Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Once More Unto the Breach: Ambush Z Third Game

Third test game, this time using the weakest type of zombie.  The soldiers are in four groups of five instead of five groups of four, following some wise advice I received.

I'm also testing out my rule changes for firing, though as it turns out they tend to favour the zombies more often than they don't.

Starting positions.  My tactical plan, such as it is, is to try to get further into the city before I start shooting and drawing in more zombies.

Group One is by the wall, Group Two by the oil drums, Group Three on the road at the table edge and Group Four beside them.  The leader is with Group Two.

Groups One, Two and Four move up the road without firing, drawing the zombies on the road towards them.

Group Three moves through the alley to the edge of the compound.

One group of zombies mills around aimlessly, the other drifts away from the exit point.

So far so good. 

The new hotspot goes in the compound, stopping any plans I might have had of moving through there.

And then eight zombie reinforcements appear right behind Group Three.

But Group Three aren't bothered, they move forward and fire on the zombies to their front, trailing a herd of zombies behind them.  Three kills.

The firing draws in seven new zombies far too near the exit point for my liking.

The zombies they fired on charge them but are interrupted and blown away, and as a bonus the firing didn't attract any more zombies this time.

Group Two fires at the zombies on the road and gets four head shots.

And then wipes out the other two when they charge.

Eight zombies wander onto the road ahead of them, drawn by the noise...

And another seven from the North.  Kill six, fifteen replace them.

Group One moves through the alley to where they can provide support to Group Three, Group Four moves up to next to Group Two on the road.

Nice and concentrated, mutual support, maybe I'm getting the hang of this. :)

Zombies move towards the firing across the board.  End of Turn two, and I feel optimistic.

A new hotspot appears, on the route to the exit.  I'm so mean to myself where I'm placing these. :p

And nine zombies appear as reinforcements.

Group One moves forward to the walled building.

And open fire on the zombies on the road, dropping four and provoking the rest to charge.

They gun them down with defensive fire clearing the road and Groups Two and Four move up to the junction.

Group Three sprints to join them.

The fire didn't produce any zombie reinforcements, fortunately.

And zombies shuffle towards the sound yet again, ending turn three.

A new hotspot is placed by Ami's Bar.

And eight zombies appear as reinforcements.

Group Four backs away from the zombies on the road.

Then opens fire, killing two of them.

The zombies charge in.

Two of them fall to defensive fire.

And then it's a chaos of teeth against rifle butts and the zombies are wiped out but not before injuring a trooper.

And five more zombies shuffle on next to the holodrome.

Group Two moves to the alley between the store and the City Guard building.

And opens fire, four kills. :)

The to zombies remaining try to charge but fall short.

And seven more arrive, fortunately far away from the action for now.

Group one advances and finishes off the two zombies staggering across their path.

And Group Three moves through Group Four and forms a line behind them for them to fall back through next turn.

And as the zombies shuffle closer turn four ends.

The new hotspot is by the exit.

And is where eight more zombies arrive as reinforcements.

Group Four move into the store, dragging their casualty with them.  And bump into four zombies in residence.

Defensive fire kills three.

And close combat deals with the last one with no loss to Group Four.

The zombies on the road were drawn forward after Group Four.

And four new ones are drawn by the gunshots.

I really ought to invest in silencers.

Group One fires up the road, only killing one zombie.

Provoking a charge which falls short and drawing a group of zombies further up the road too.

Group Two enters the City Guard building and finds eight angry zombies, quickly reduced to six by firepower.

And another three fall in close combat for no loss.

And finally the building is cleared.  This could have been where it all went horribly wrong, still not out of the woods yet but I dodged a bullet there.

Group Three, acting as rear guard, guns down four pursuing zombies.

And kills the rest of that mob as they charge in.

The fire draws seven more, but too far away to make any difference.

Then Group Three joins Group Four in the store.

Situation at the end of turn five.

A new hotspot goes down.

And six more zombies come on.

Group Two goes on overwatch.

Group Four checks it's casualty, WIA.  Group Three fires on the zombies in the lane dropping three and provoking a charge from both them and the zombies in the road.

This is where it got really messy, as two groups of zombies attacked a building occupied by two groups of soldiers while a third group of soldiers provided overwatch fire.  The zombies all got wiped out for no losses other than the risk of repetitive strain injury from die rolling.

The rattle of dice attracted five zombies at the exit point and eight more too close for comfort.

And provoked a charge against the overwatch unit, who gunned two down as they closed.

And finished them off with defensive fire.

Provoking the newly arrived zombies to join in.

Who were then dispatched in close combat.

And another four zombies arrived.

Group One moved to join Group Two in the City Guard building, and the zombies shuffled forward to end turn six.

Turn six starts with four zombies arriving outside the store.

Group Four exit the store and head behind the City Guard building, pursued by zombies.

Group Three continues to act as rearguard, moving into the lane to block the zombies and opening fire, reducing their number by four.

Then being charged by the rest in close combat but wiping them out.

I just realised this was a mistake, these zombies had already taken their action for the turn by following Group Four.  

Oh well, these things happen.

Group Two moves to secure the exit, shooting down three zombies.

Getting two more as they charge in.

And finishing the job in close combat for no losses.

The fire brings six more zombies.

The zombies shuffle forward, end of turn seven and the end of the game.  The soldiers all have a clear run at the exit and leave the Board for my first victory in Ambush Z. :)


  1. An interesting game report of what sounds like a really enjoyable game.

  2. Great fight Vicki, thanks for posting! Having said that, it was too easy!!! And if you have another one like that you'll get accused (like I have) of using 'magic dice.' ;)

    "...following some wise advice I received."
    Now I'm getting accused of all kinds of ridiculous stuff! Eh, probably weren't talking about me ;)

    Certainly you were a lot tighter in your tactics this time, with the groups largely hanging around to support each other, and leapfrogging back down the street, keeping your firepower concentrated worked like a champ. You skated out with only one casualty, but it was still intense due to the fact there are just so many damn zombies on the board, and constantly coming on in various locations.

    Cool stuff!


    1. It didn't feel too easy while I was playing it. :p

    2. Hey, I understand all too well! It may have been obvious in retrospect, but in the midst of it there was no telling which way it was going to go. Like I said, it was still tense to me, with way too many zombies moping around, and just like my Ambush Alley games, all it takes is one bad round of combat for things to go very south very quick.

      I'm looking forward to the campaign, where your guys are going to have missions to accomplish, and when you inevitably reach the point where you have to decide whether to risk a whole lot of folks to rescue someone, or leave that someone behind. It's gonna be heart-wrenching, but great! ;)

      And then to see how the characters develop out of those stressful situations; I expect big things, you're much more creative than me!