Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Fourth City Section

Fourth one done, time to switch to figure painting for a bit before I start the fifth one.  And play some games to learn the rules. :)

I modified the plaster cast house at the bottom left with a small extension, adds a bit of variety for minimal effort.

The Bank of New Britain, for all your financial needs. 

Flick's general store.

Palestinian soldiers moving cautiously up the street.  The beauty of inventing your own Sci-Fi world is you can find a way to use whatever figures you like the look of.

The city so far.  


  1. The 4 sections together look great. What rules are you planning on using?

    1. Ambush Z for the zombie battles, possibly All Things Zombie for smaller scale zombie fights. I also want to try out 5 Core on it for human vs alien fights. Have to get as much use from it as I can now I made it. :)