Monday, 16 October 2017

The Pikeman's Lament

Having enjoyed both Lion Rampant and The Men Who Would Be Kings I decided to get The Pikeman's Lament.  I hope to do English Civil War skirmishes using it, but for now I can't justify buying the figures until I complete my various other projects.  So I decided to rebase my earlier renaissance forces, which gives me a nice mix of units which I can use for either side in the fights I use them for.

These are all from the old Mikes Models range, now sold by Essex Miniatures.  I have enough unpainted figures left to add a few more Commanded Shot units and another unit of Reiters when I get round to it.

Commanded Shot.  These seem more in keeping with this period than the larger and more resilient Shot units from the rules

Regimental Gun.  

Aggressive Forlorn Hope.  I really like these figures and hope they don't disappoint in battle.


The rules say to class irregular light cavalry who prefer to skirmish as Dragoons.  I'll cut the missile range of these guys to 6, the Dragoon range of 12 seems far too generous for a javelin.

Oh, and these were from when I was in my 'paint checkered patterns on shields' phase.  They look a lot better than I remembered. :)

My Reiters are classed as Trotters, using Caracole tactics.

And finally some Gendarmes, classed as Elite Gallopers.  

I guess the next thing to do will be to play a game with them. 😀