Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Men Who Would Be kings

I've been rebasing Zulus and painting up British for The Men Who Would Be Kings.  I have enough to play a game now, hopefully I'll find time to do that tomorrow.

Six units of Zulus.  It was just a case of rebasing these.  Five of them are from Warrior Miniatures, the one with a couple of Zulus in red coats is from Irregular.

Mounted Infantry.  I think the figures might be from Tin Soldier, I've had them for so long (well over 20 years) that I can't remember.  I finally got them painted last week.

Natal Native Contingent, from Irregular Miniatures.

And finally two units of British regulars from Irregular.  These are based to allow them to form close order, I might need to rebase them on a shorter frontage but for now they'll do. 😃

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