Monday, 31 July 2017

Sci-Fi Buildings

I started work on producing Sci-Fi buildings to go with 15mm figures.  The intention is to eventually be able to stage city fights.  I went with a flat roof for ease of positioning figures and the concept of the initial building is a small prefabricated concrete dwelling.

It was made from plastic card with cocktail stick piping and Green Stuff used for the utility box on the side of the building and for the curve in the water pipes to the roof.

Of course, one building isn't enough.  So I made a mould and cast some more in resin plaster. :)

I need to make a lot more building types to complete this project, but it's a good start I think. :)


  1. Vicki,

    The building looks great, and I'm always in awe of the fact you're able to do all this yourself. Excellent, now we need to see some troops fighting over them!


  2. A nice simple design and the copies came out well.