Friday, 9 June 2017

New Terrain Tiles

I already have a set of terrain tiles that I made, which are 200mm squares split into quarters for grid movement.  The problem with these is that with my limited space I can't lay out much more than a 10x8 grid.  So I decided to make some smaller ones.

I went with 75mm squares which I got from Warbases, laser cut and 3mm thick,  I added magnetic tape to the back so I will eventually be able to lay them out on a magnetic whiteboard to prevent them being moved during play.

On the top side of the square I glued mounting board which lets me sink features such as rivers into them.  Hills are from polystyrene packing material which is sloped but left square with rounded edges.

The tiles were painted brown and sand added, then painted over again and then drybrushed with a cream colour and static grass added.  Roads are cut into the tile then layered with filler and wheel ruts added.  Rivers were painted in two shades of blue then several coats of gloss varnish.

Anyway, here's my first test batch of bases.

I ordered some more from Warbases yesterday, hopefully I'll soon have enough for a proper battlefield.


  1. Never thought of using magnetic tiles on a magnetic board - good idea.

    1. Thanks, I only hope it works out when it's all done. :)

  2. Looks very cute. Nice mix of board game look and still feeling like a mini's game.