Sunday, 26 February 2017

Alien Wildlife 2

I've cast and painted my alien animals, so here they are, a flock of Feltz. :)

Each flock has one Bull Feltz, weighing in at up to 2.5 Tonnes and easily identified by it's nose horn.

Adult females weigh up to 2 Tonnes and a flock usually has between 3 and 8 females.

When threatened by predators Feltz defend themselves in 2 ways.  Faced with large predators they sit down, leaving only their armoured back and skull exposed to attack.  Against smaller predators they also sit down, but on top of the predator.

Feltz taste of chicken.


  1. Hi Victoria, just wanted to let you know, I love your Feltz and I totally nicked them.
    See here
    Hope you don't mind.


  2. Just followed your blog link off WWS. What scale are these critters? They're super neat.

    Very "fantastical" which sometimes gets missed out a bit in scifi figures.

    1. Size probably makes more sense than scale, they are roughly 40mm nose to tail (well, where a tail would be if they had one), 20mm tall and 20mm wide. The figures next to them are 15mm tall.

    2. I suppose for alien world critters, scale won't matter anyways :-)

      They could be giant herd animals for a 6mm game or weird space-lizard-dogs for a 28mm game!