Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Making Tracks

I have a new project in mind, for which I need a variety of tracks.  Having found a sheet of plasticard in the back of a cupboard I decided to try making some and casting them to use on vehicles,

Here's a step by step guide to how I made them.

First I glued some spare model tires I had onto the plasticard.

I cut them out then filled them with Green Stuff and added a little detail to them.

I then cut out the track pieces and placed them round the wheels to make sure I had enough, with a few spares just in case I needed them.

The outer edges of some track pieces were cut at a slope.  They all need this done, but doing a few at a time then glueing them on and doing a few more works best to allow the glue more time to dry I think.

Each track piece is glued to the wheel section and to the adjacent track pieces.

This is repeated all the way round.

And here's the first three completed tracks, ready for me to make a mould from them.