Sunday, 19 November 2017

Russian Tanks For Wormingrad

A couple of Russian tanks for Wormingrad, again Armourfast models, this time their T34.

Not perfect, but they do the job.

The German figures have one each of rifle, SMG, LMG and panzerfaust, the Russians have two rifle poses and two SMG poses.  No LMG, so I use this rifle pose to make LMGs.

A bit of greenstuff on the end of the barrel and a drum magazine, and we have a Russian LMG.

And now I have the basic unit of the game, the rifle squad.  Three rifles and one LMG for the Russians.

Two rifles, an SMG and an LMG for the Germans.

Three squads plus a leader will be a platoon.  Three platoons plus an HQ squad will be a company.  Battalion organisation can wait till I get more figures sorted and see what I can make in terms of heavy weapons.


  1. That's fantastic. I really like how you've done those T-34s.